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I started paying closer attention to singular digital illustrations after dabbling in animation, when it was logical to spend more time on a single piece rather than little time on thousands of slightly different images (especially after I realized my commitment to drinking).

Between 2005 and 2007 I created images to either please the fanatic wanderers and collectors of cool digital art (some fan art), or illustrations to pay homage to my favourite artists on dA eg Blackeri, Cypherx, Limkis, Nebezial, larafairie, xiaocaca the list goes on. Both types of submissions were to get the attention of the masses, or my idols. I love attention.

In 2009 I moved to Sydney and gave up the home office :(  Its nearly impossible to use a wacom and laptop balanced on your lap and arm of the lounge respectively. I did 'Joker' balanced on a piano, 'Robin' by bringing outdoor furniture inside for a few days, and the yet to be posted 'Catwoman Smoking' with the wacom and lappy hooked through the TV.

I just moved and now I have a home office again, and my new painting of  mermaid is nearly finished already!

Hello attention!
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I revisited my previous profile, 'nakedmole' and noticed its page-view count. it was active only for 8 months in that time i churned out two commissioned paintings, reached 18,203 page views and had a subscription donated to me by another user (cant remember who...that's how grateful i was) and was contacted by a few of the most popular users on DA including blackeri :icondahlig: and larafairie :iconlarafairie:. i spent alot of time adding alot of original and fan-based work to positive reception. and after the popularity i no longer wanted NAKEDMOLE attached to my work or profile, it provided too much anonymity and i want people to see my name on the work and know how to get back. so i created a new profile with my name, gavwoodhouse. incidentally when the new profile was created i left home and finished tafe and had no internet or a decent pc/time/work space for new work. i don't add work frequently, though i can say without any doubt that the quality of my work being added has improved ten fold.

i have been using the gavwoodhouse profile for about two years, i have had a daily deviation (the piece is actually in my scraps) and a few incredibly popular pieces which have appeared in pirate editions all over the internet in a few different languages. they are fan-based pieces which is not entirely what i want, but I'm still proud and grateful, however my page-views are much lower than the record from the old profile...i do less fan stuff and visit other profiles and reply a lot less than i did on the old one and i think this has attributed to the difference in the page-views. unfortunately when i began redirecting attention to a new profile, (in an attempt to preserve the old postings but send them to the new profile) i had all the old pages deleted by dA with a generic accusation of plagiarism and now i cant look back at the records of page-views/favourites on the old profile. but i can see some comments...damn i was a really nice guy back then.

i think if i replied, and wrote my own comments, made a few contacts around dA then i would recieve requests for commissions and recieve alot more regular attention on the new profile, as i did on the old profile. i dont have the time to commit to any changes. so in brief it this web of contact and compliments, building a network of solid fans who visit for a pleasant exchange whenever you add to your gallery that attributes to your 'popularity' and its not just the work itself. i get alot of downloads and pageviews but thats just from people making my wor their wallpaper or plagiarising...i love you guys btw...and they dont add me to their favourites.

im pretty sure only Chelsea will read i love ya sis. :iconchelseearth-vader:

Even though im sharing my thoughts about the ego monster and how a site where your work is shared with ameteurs and professionals alike can feed that monster, i dont want to sound bitter. I'm not attacking the monster, and encourage you to visit my page and provide compliments, i just want the ego monster to know that i see its presence. i know you're there
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Some of you may not have noticed i even had a spell of absence, but its come to an end...i think.

I haven't been creating and adding digital paintings frequently since about June 2008, or even earlier i think. this is just a hobby and as much as i like it and feel i have considerable talent doing it, i neglect to make enough time to make these fantastic drawings. as i realised i was no longer using the touch tablet, i agreed to give to my sister as a gift, but she reports its not working, which was quite sad.

~Chelseearth-Vader - my beautiful sister

although i did do a few traditional paintings, which are comparatively produced very quickly and effortlessly, most of the paintings i have done were as gifts, or random thoughts

and then came my first painting commissioned for a colleague at work! im posting it on dA now. here it is… the painting caught a lot of attention at work, bringing about a few more requests, which i will post on here eventually.

today i have a new touch tablet. a few people at work were curious as to how i use a touch tablet to create these pictures, as the only drawing program they're familiar is the very basic 'PAINT', so i have taken the time to put together a tutorial (of sorts) which describes the basic method used to make the is not a creative step by step to teach you how to do it, it just explains HOW its done, here is a link to the new post…

again im not sure if i was missed, but im back. hopefully i have acquired a few new skills after a bit of practice with good ol fashioned acrylic on canvas, so let me know if you notice.

cya - gav
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Sweeney Todd is awesome
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This day, thanks to the suggestion by ~JM2-art, one of my deviations was featured as a Daily Deviation by ^jgfeller. Thankyou so much, especially JM2 mate you're awesome!! i read a comment saying congrats and i went wtf? whaaaaaa...??? thats really cool. and thanks to everyone watching me and checking out my stuff and leaving a few words.

Everyone know that i love and appreciate the attention and the great feed back you give my work.

Also, anyone interested in maybe seeing something different from me, i am working at a site that exhibits not only the work here that you are familiar with, but some designs, photography and even animation that i suggest you have a peak at. here it is…

TAGGED by TerraShiva and playing by the part
each person tagged must post 8 random (hopefully interesting) facts
1.) I'm a scary driver
2.) I'm impatient
3.) I have an identical twin brother
4.) I'm really messy
5.) I love the heat (love Australian summer)
6.) I know some Portuguese
7.) I work as a pizza delivery boy (see 1.?)
8.) My favourite band is The Dresden Dolls

Thanks again everyone, happy browsing and i hope to hear more from you guys
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